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Poems and excerpts:









 Warmth and Shelter published Unlikely Stories Mark V literary magazine.


“I was nine
when he was murdered and
never saw his stab wounds
just ashes
in an urn my mom kept
I guess memory works
like dust”     

                from Warmth and Shelter



Light and Shadow from a fire that burns a napkin from the Unlikely Stories 20th Anniversary Edition.


"I've come to see

that it was lust

our     charred     motive


and a sin to know you"

                     from Light and Shadow from a fire that burns a napkin



Draw me a Veve and Kreyol published by Rigorous literary magazine.


" this black cross
tells me:
'bare yours'
This cemetery
in the middle
of the road
              this place"

                 from Draw me a Veve



"The glass of broken history
sharper than an aids needle
sharper than USAID"

                  from Kreyol



Chocolate, Red and Green and Keys in Blue published by Rigorous literary magazine.


"The chocolate
Kisses melt in my mouth
with the after taste of cold
white wine. Ah. What will the new year bring
More chocolate

                   from Chocolate


"the scent
                  the smell
of a whore
like the red earth"

                  from Red and Green


"'don't worry
you have family'
my auntie says
she has a way with me
like water
Yes! like water"

                from Keys in Blue


 Music and Lemonade parts 9 and10 published by Rigorous literary magazine.

“This petty shadow I can’t seem to shake
from this disk of moon shining
                                         could I have thrown it there?
the glory and conquest of my loins
                                              I had wanted to give you
this shadow
                     shows your face
and the light, your fear”

from 9. As you Wish

“But she has struck a chord in my heart
         this one
And gestures are not wasted with her
not anger
not even shame
as if the payment upfront
guaranteed honesty

           I like that she enjoys
her leverage over me.”

from 10. Anodyne

Hebe, Pitching at your high school reunion published by FormerPeople.


"In Homeric interpretation


otherwise the goddess of youth

becomes the peak of one's bloom

before one dies"

                    from Hebe



"Are you afraid

the adolescent cruelty

you're remembering might show

do you really think this reunion is all

they've been waiting for             I failed you as a friend

Even if

you should also see the joke

A good vantage point will work"

                            from Pitching at your high school reunion

The works and quotes cited are the intellectual property of Darryl Wawa.