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Crudeness and Creole published by Rigorous literary magazine.

"Creole is crude. it's harsh and loud, more like a drum beat than a melody. The slaves came up with it, just like they came up with Vodou. It makes me wonder about the kind of shit that they'd say to each other, the kind of shit they'd say about their masters. Creole, like Vodou is aggressive and unholy"


Crudeness and Creole pt 2: "Cruelty and Creole." Published by Rigorous literary magazine.

"Characters are what draws us to stories, and good characters become archetypes. If an archetype is a house, then the Veve, the symbol, is the gate."

Crudeness and Creole pt 3 “Hypocrisy.” Published by Rigorous literary magazine.

“I was nine years old when I saw my first Vodou possession. A woman who worked at my house began speaking indecipherably and convulsing. She dropped on the floor and writhed like a smitten snake. My parents had gone out, so I locked the house doors to keep me and brother safe. My parents later explained to me the phenomenon to me as being possessed by a Loa.

…We pretend to speak French but Creole is like water to us, French more like a fancy wine. Hypocrisy under the guise of class and elegance, or because you don’t know anything else. We all try to be European.”

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