A Debate on Political Correctness

A wonderful and at times heated debate, presented by The Munk Debates, on the issue of political correctness. Jordan Peterson and Stephen Fry go against political correctness, sticking rigidly within the framework of this subject of debate. They fail, however, to consider other implications concerning this subject, while eloquently, tactfully, one could even say a bit deceitfully, avoiding the discomfort of debating women's and race issues. They do make a strong case against political correctness. Michelle Goldberg and Michael Eric Dyson take a more moral and ethical standpoint for political correctness but zealously illustrate the other implications on the debate. Their position is leftist to a fault, and though they nobly defend marginalized populations, they were failed tacticians along the lines of philosophical and argumentative persuasion. A listener will gain solid ground here on the issue.

Goldberg and Fry proved themselves to be the more open to considering opposing ideas, while the exchange between Dyson and Peterson was at times passive aggressive, even bordering on nastiness. It then mellowed out at the end of the debate, but both debaters remained unchanged.  The result was beautiful, messy, heated, instructive, and certainly worth it, again for the listener. 

Listen to the debate here, and also see the measured effectiveness of the debaters in percentages as to how they affected the audience's views (courtesy of The Munk Debates):